Extended Survey for Atheists – Research for my Book: Losing Your Life to Save It

Update 3/28/18: The survey is live!

Writing my post about procrastination gave me a burst of motivation. I finally finished a long survey that I’ve been working on for the past 6+ months and I’m just about ready to let it go live.  This is the survey that I’m using to collect many people’s stories about their experiences – good & bad – about being atheists and coming out in/from religious families and communties.  It has taken me a long time to figure out what I wanted to know and then determine how to ask so that the results are the most useful for me (and so that I don’t have to keep sending out surveys!) Anyhow, I sent it off to Richard tonight for comments and once I incorporate any suggestions, I’ll post it. (And yes, wanting it to be perfect before sending it to him was a factor.)

In the meantime, if you’ve never completed my original survey General Thoughts About Atheists now’s your chance. I’ve opened it up again – believers and non-believers.  Also – if you believe in God but someone close to you has left the same faith, here’s one for you: When Loved Ones Abandon Faith.

This is a big step and I’m excited! Stay tuned…

Want to read more about me & my book? Scott Jacobsen of In-Sight Journal interviewed me last summer and the transcript was just released in Canadian Atheist: In Conversation with Melissa Krawczyk – Atheist, Secular Humanist, and Skeptic. 

Scott has interviewed people far more interesting than me and he also blogs for Atheist Republic: Scott’s blog at Atheist Republic


Found this image at the following blog that I enjoyed: How to Write Your Book by Writing Your Blog